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AWA hackathon in Germany

TheWorkinGroup if finalizing the first alpha version of AWA communication platform dedicated for developers, preparing it for the first public closed beta release on 23th of September 2021. This is a special day for AWA as it is correlated to TADHack (TADHack Global – TADHack 2021), where the platform will get the first valuable feedback from the developers. Outcome will have influence on further product shape to deliver better quality product on public open release at the end of the year.

AWA Project – New customer project in Germany

TheWorkinGroup entered the German market being the main contributor in creating the new communication platform as a service (cpaas) called AWA. The cpaas market is quite difficult as there are already many well-established competitors (Twilio, Plivio, Message Bird) but bringing unique features, providing modern API and high level of security could be a success warrant.

TheWorkinGroup is delivering “fully-functional” Remote R&D team:

  • having experience of building distributed enterprise platforms based on spring-java microservice
  • operating on AWS cloud implementing there Continuous Deployment process base on trunk development
  • being experienced in Telco
  • acting by assumption: “Think big but do small” building the software easy to scale horizontally and easy to extend with more features driven by future

The team is responsible for building a high quality MVP platform to see how the new product will be received on the market. The public release is planned at the end of the year.