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No two companies are alike. Except their need to stay agile. That’s why we custom-design and develop your application in short iterations so that you benefit from the latest technology stacks, as well as optimal automation in software lifecycle.

Full Service

We specialize in agile project management, test-driven development, code review and architectural design. Our vast range of expertise extends from microservices, APization and stateless to blockchain, containerization, security and scaling.

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Broad Range

We deliver innovative IT solutions across all industrial sectors with significant focus on telecommunications, banking, automotive, aviation, new energy and construction – because staying agile is everything.

Tailored IT
solutions at your

Unique Needs – Unique Solutions

Your unique needs matter to us. We customize every feature of your application from the design to development stage, while providing you with the most leading-edge tech stacks. Thanks to our pair programming approach, all our teams are led by at least two specialist developers who drive agile principles and provide continuous delivery to platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure. We also offer various toolchain options on request.

Grow into Results

We want your business to grow. But sometimes your development plans can prove bigger than expected. Fortunately, we specialize in scaling delivery with the support of cost-effective nearshoring facilities in Poland and Romania. With the support of our trusted community network, we can scale our teams and expertise to meet the shifting needs of your project, while centralizing leadership the smart way. Because teamwork and trust are the key to outstanding results.

Agile delivery
when it matters

measure teams.

Expert Team

Still looking for your IT dream team but itching to kick-start things on the building front? No problem. We’ll provide all the skilled engineers you need to get your project of the ground and then gradually phase out our input once you have your own people in place. That way, you remain in charge of your toolchain, code base and operations, whilst enjoying the benefits of expert collaboration – flexibly and reliably.

Everyone wants to stay agile.

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