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DevOps Factory

We have known DevOps as a methodology for several years. As a team with a lot of experience in the IT market, we successfully proposed to go one step forward to better suit the needs of all our clients. DevOPS Factory is a DevOPS managed Service. DevOps Factory gives us a wide range of unlimited possibilities, so let’s take advantage of this!

Innovative approach

DevOps Factory is able to provide a perfect match to the customer’s needs. We offer tailored service exactly as much and only as much as needed without unnecessary costs.

Service continuity

We ensure service continuity thanks to the fact that knowledge about the project is distributed among many people, which allows for an efficient flow of information at every stage.

Better performance

Thanks to the DevOps Factory, the client can focus on development tasks and we take responsibility for the DevOps area.

Tailored teams

People are the most important element of success. Their ability to realize goals and exceed the limits. That is why we put all our attention to understanding the individual needs of our customers and hire selected candidates among hundreds to assure that apart from technical skills we can also propose self-motivated team players who add value to the project.

The recruitment

We care about the process of finding and evaluating candidates. Their experience is critical but is not the only factor of the assessment. We do believe that sharing TheWorkinGroup’s values like teamwork, responsibility, and quality is a factor that determines success and we put attention to all of those aspects during the process. As we grow, we also take care to maintain the knowledge that results in an even better quality of our delivery and lower cost of the project.

Agile Delivery

We want your business to grow. But sometimes your development plans can prove bigger than expected. Fortunately, we specialize in scaling delivery with the support of cost-effective nearshoring facilities in Poland and Romania. With the support of our trusted community network, we can scale our teams and expertise to meet the shifting needs of your project, while centralizing leadership the smart way.

Remote R&D

We have remote work in our bloodstream. We work only remotely and participate most effectively and securely to help customers build project teams, IT project delivery, and its support. Years of experience, pro-customer orientation, and top-notch service allows us to grow together with our customers in a natural way. It doesn’t matter if we build individual consultants or part of the team or the whole team. We work with our customers together.

Frontend Services

All It systems have a user, but not all of them are usable. The proper user interface allowing the ease of use and ergonomics is the key to making 100% out of the investment in the software. Recent prevalence of mobile made it necessary to make your UI available on many devices regardless of size and functionalities they provide. We help our Customers build multi platform systems in the modern technologies, migrate the legacy front ends to the new platforms as well as improve user experience.


We support our customers developing applications for/with them based on javascript frameworks like React, Vue.js or Angular. Despite the fact that tool is never a top goal for TWG, these frameworks allows fast to create the interactive applications focused on ergonomy and smooth business processes  exposure.

Multi-platform / Mobile first

Today people are more often using mobile devices than desktop applications which force organizations to invest additional money to have mobile channels. TWG is building mobile first web based applications addressing this need, replacing native application without losing great user experience with all respect to mobile nature related to saving battery and network bandwidth or offline work and server side rendering.


Thanks to constant development of our skills in the frontend we follow all the latest frameworks evaluating their use pros and cons for our customer, benefiting from the ecosystem growth and development.

Backend Services

If you start to think about building modern middleware there are a lot of decisions that you need to take from the first moment. Starting from the architecture if you feel that you need to go with microservices to be ready for containerization / clouds / horizontal scaling then you immediately wonder how to organize communication or manage transactions in such distributed environment or what kind of API expose (Restful / GraphQL / gRPC) and how to protect it. Consider TWG to go on this exciting journey with you and help to follow the right directions.

Fast Development

Time to market is a crucial key to success but to build fast and deploy often you need to have tools that provide solid foundations. TWG loves to build backend based on Java and Spring stack as it’s containerized friendly,  supporting various messages brokers/databases and have embedded production flavor exposing different kinds of metrics, integrating with various logging & tracing systems.

Performant / Reactive / Clean

Reactive programming relies on asynchronous programming logic and flows in stateless components is the first step to having a performant platform. This needs to be balanced with clean code rules to eliminate the fear of change and speed-up feature development. A mix of all of those practices is TWG native modus operandi.

Scalable / Reliable

You don’t need microservices complexity just because this is a trendy way to build systems. Your main goal is to be prepared for horizontal scaling. Do not allow the distributed system not to be reliable at the same time so QA Test Automation and Continuous Delivery realized by TWG DevOps Factory team are mandatory processes to boost development and increase platform quality.

QA Test Automation

The topic of automation is not new, there are still extreme opinions around. Some argue that you need to automate everything, others that they do not see any sense in this activity as it is an additional cost of systems development that never pays off. TWG experts know how to find the balance so that the tests are not only an artificial artefact, but something that improves the development process and contributes to the better quality of your products. Qa automation is a complementary to DevOPS Factory CI/CD activities bringing pipelines to yet another level.

Distributed systems

QA Test Automation in a distributed microservices environment is no longer an option. If you want to eliminate the fear of change for your developers and pain of change for your stakeholders you should not diminish the importance of this part.

Continuous deployment

Do you still think that the continuous deployment process is reserved only for large players and it is impossible for features implemented during the sprint to go straight to production, avoiding the tedious (manual) verification process? If so, let us prove you wrong.

Complete approach

You need functional tests for your API, UI or performance. If you already have your own development and quality problems or you plan to start development considering quality as the top goal, then you are in the right place.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 – Finance and Supply Change Management solution is a driving force in the digitalization of our customer business. Providing leading technical skills and integration capability allows TheWorkinGroup to support our customers across Western Europe.


With many of our customers facing the complexity of their business by using ERP systems to manage it, we have built capacity around the leading ERP platform Microsoft Dynamics 365. Currently, we focus on the Finance and Supply Change Management solution (previously Finance and Operations), which lets customers plan their resources and stock. They also have transparent control of their financial operations, predict the financial flows, and make confident business decisions. It also dramatically simplifies main financial and operational processes, eliminating complexity and reducing the manual work of the financial teams. Last but not least, it makes it easier to quickly adapt to the regulatory landscape changes and reduce customer tax-related risks. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is easily integrated with the existing application environment like product line management, banking, etc.

We offer:

In the space of Microsoft Dynamics 365, we provide support for customer projects in the roles:

  • gathering of the customer requirements – working closely with the customer to document functional needs and translate them into technical requirements;
  • analyzing the technical specifications and creating architectural solutions;
  • implementing the agreed architectures in the customer environment;
  • integrating Microsoft Dynamics 365 to other customers and public applications and services;
  • maintaining the customer’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 environments and experience.
  • integration with Sana Commerce platform

For whom:

Most of our customers are active in the industrial sector, using numerous modules of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in their companies. TheWorkinGroup technical specialists are helping them to develop a model-driven, easy-to-scale, high-performance, and event processing framework. Functional and technical specialists work closely with the customer team to work out technical designs and solutions, to implement code-efficient and performance-efficient frameworks for global implementation. Our teams work in Western Europe with most projects based in Germany and Benelux.

Everyone wants to stay agile.

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